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Sunbrite Doubles Wont Go out

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I had a nightmare of a time getting my usual coke, so I collected some Sunbrite Coke Doubles and stoked up my fire, they worked well and I spent yesterday afternoon making horseshoes, when finished I turned all off as usual and went inside and forget all about it, after work today I went into my workshop to make some shoes for tomorrow and as I opened the door I was hit by the heat, the fire must have blown back up and could have been burning for 24hrs, all the metal panels that the forge is made from are buckled and the coke was burning away like coal, I dug the lot out and dumped it into a bath of water.

So after an exciting couple of hours I'm now back on the internet looking for my usual stuff.

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Wrong fuel, you need singles, doubles is for a different use, you will probably find they spit a lot as well when you put air through

Sorry I don't know of any distributors in your area, Bengry's will ship you a load from Herefordshire but obviously it will cost extra

Monckton Fuels who produce the coke you need shouldn't be a million miles away from you in Yorkshire, contact them for their distributors, or try contacting a local blacksmith to see where they are supplied from

Monckton fuel and chemical co are located in Barnsley

Maltby pit also produce coal you can use

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On behalf of our guild's members and students who come on our courses ( www.blacksmithsguild.com ), we have managed to source suppliers of Monckton forging coke, this may not help you, but here is a list of the suppliers who stock Forging Coke

Symonds & Son Clannaborough Barton, Bow (nr Copplestone) Devon EX17 6DA
01363 772736
Jefferys Fuels, Bovey Tracey, Devon Tel 01626 832250
C.Rudrum and Sons, Coal Terminal No3, Royal Edward Dock, Avonmouth, Bristol.
BS11 9BJ Tel 0117 982 8777
G. E. Clifford & Sons, 44 Gloucester Road, Rudgeway Bristol BS35 3RT
Tel: 01454 201 793
Mobbs The Coal Depot/London Rd, Wheatley, Oxford, OX33 1JG Tel01865 872691
R & H Bengry. Station Yard, Kingsland Station, Kingsland, Leominster, Herefordshire HR6 9SF Tel: 01568 708434|..
Corralls, South East England, Midlands Isle of Wight and Isle of Man

I would suggest a group of you getting together and putting in a bulk order from a supplier, there must be some in the area,as the coal merchants have to buy in bulk, if you deal with one they may hold it in stock for you.

What part of Yorkshire are you located in? Don Barker or Mark Constable may be able to offer advice with regard to suppliers.

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That sounds a bit scary! at least you didnt do what I do, and dump a full sack of damp coke onto the fire to 'dry out' when you finished for the day :o

Im nearly out of the good stuff, my friends misunderstand me when I say im stuggling to find a good coke dealer in Manchester :huh:

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I know none of you guys are near here in norfolk but there is a very good coke/coal/anthracite supplier just north of Norwich the place is called Egmores'

all the blacksmiths i know of in norfolk use them. 1 bag of 25kg coke runs at around £15. good stuff.


P.s. also good to here from some fellow brits once in a while. No offense there :rolleyes: ;)

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You mean to tell me Sam Thompson is in the UK? I thought he was in Florida, USA soaking up the sun. He has no location shown. :blink:
That sounds scary as all get out to find your forge going full bore, to bad you weren't there to enjoy this fine fire and get some time in at the forge. Problems with coal, coke and charcoal is the main reason I switched to propane for fuel, that and my neighbors don't like the smell of coal, the spark hazard in the dry desert for charcoal. Propane is so prevalent here for barbecues that is the easiest of fuels to find. I used to buy 100# bags of blacksimth coal at the CO-OP but they quit handling it years ago and the other company in town that had, well what they called coal(mostly rock), wanted three times the price of the CO-OP so I went to gas.

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@sam tompson.

it might be a good idea to put your location in(i am mainly saying this because i would like to know where bengrys is) because i don't even know if your in england!! haha (that wasn't funny i know but oh well)


Sam used to have his location shown, but like a lot of others, mine included they didn't come through on the update.

There was a clue in the locations I posted, and Sams response, "Mick's yard is five miles away from me" .... R & H Bengry. Station Yard, Kingsland Station, Kingsland, Leominster, Herefordshire HR6 9SF Tel: 01568 708434|..

I think that would put him somewhere near or in the UK.
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Yeah, I know a lot of the locations didn't make the transitions. I was doing a bit of joshing to try to get folk to update their locations, my apologies for any who took it wrong. It's a big world so having a location under your name helps place your whereabouts on it easier since some of the locale names between the East Coast of the USA are very similar to the UK(wonder why that is).

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