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Discoloration after quenching

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Another question from me. You guys are really helping me out thank you so.. I am having a problem after I forge something and quench/cool it in the water, it gets rust or what looks like rust on it. I like the unfinished look but the rust color doesnt look good. I am having to wire wheel all the color off just tomake it presentable. Could this be from not wire brushing good enough before quenching? Any help?

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When you cool it, leave it a "little" hot so the water will evaporate off but you can still handle it. I wipe it down with an oil rag after cooling in water if I am not going to work it any more. If it the the last time in the forge I will cool it in peanut oil from a black heat for the final finish. When the weather gets warmer (the smithy is a mite cool this time of year) I will try out some of the laquer and spray finishs to see how they work. Beeswax while the part is still warm works good too. I remember reading a whole topic on finishs before the update. Search for it and you should find many good ideas. Keep hammering!

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