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  1. Finally got up off of my can and hit the anvil today. Been inspired to make one of these bottle openers for a while. Borrowing the idea from mcmonkey. Mine doesnt compare but it was fun. Finally some cooler weather so I getting in the hammering mood.
  2. This is it. Just outside garage door. Works for now.
  3. Another question from me. You guys are really helping me out thank you so.. I am having a problem after I forge something and quench/cool it in the water, it gets rust or what looks like rust on it. I like the unfinished look but the rust color doesnt look good. I am having to wire wheel all the color off just tomake it presentable. Could this be from not wire brushing good enough before quenching? Any help?
  4. I really like this. Great work. uote name='petere76' date='24 December 2009 - 08:47 AM' timestamp='1261666056' post='151859'] Gents, Made this fireplace tool holder for my wife this Christmas. 36 inch H, 10 in x 10 in base, .875 tapered upright and yard arm. Yard is about 8.5 inches wide. Tennon base connection and riveted joinery on the upright. Interior oil finish. Merry Christmas to all. Peter
  5. My sister is about to have her first baby and since I am just starting out, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of a little keepsake item that I could make that would be manageable for a beginner bordering on novice. I thought about making a sleigh bell with a leaf and stem attached with baby name and weight stamped in leaf but drawing the blank and cutting without a bandsaw is proving to be tough. Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks all. I guess the tip of the leaf is going to be thicker than the rest right?
  7. Just wondering if anyone cant tell me what I am doing wrong. Cant seem to get a leaf to look right. All my leaves tend to look like a weeping willow leaf. Long and slender. Icant get them heart shaped. What is best stock to start with?
  8. I have an old 1900 Fisher anvil and the sides of the face are rounded. I would like to sharpen at least one side of it up. Is this recommended? Will I hurt the anvil? I would assume an angle grinder to this. Stupid question I know but I dont want to destroy my grandfathers anvil. Thanks in advance
  9. Very nice set. Impressed with the horse head also. I will have to try it
  10. Just finished a large s-hook. Going to make some shorter ones to give as Christmas gifts. Still looking for a good finish. I've used beeswax but my question is....When you wipe it down after sealing, does the beeswax still coat or am I wiping it off? Dumb question I know. Who else but me would know if I am wiping it off. Does the wax permeate the metal or just the outside? Picture is of the hook painted, but I didnt like the finished look. Too store-bought. Also is a leaf letter opener.
  11. I really like the door knocker. Definitely thinking outside the box.
  12. thanks for all the kind words everyone. Actually O'fallon MO.
  13. Just thought I'd post a pic of some of my first smithing attempts.
  14. New to this site, but it is awesome. Got a Fisher 150lb anvil that was my Grandpas. Started about 3 weeks ago after I built my bbq grill forge. My only regret is not trying this hobby years ago. Of course my elbow probably would have been worn out by now. All the posters seem so helpful on here. I'll say thanks in advance because I know I'll need advice.