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I Forge Iron

Now what?


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I recently purchased this blower for the forge I am planning on building. The guy I bought it off of said he found it inside a garage he was hired to clean out. It works great and pumps out a lot of air. We easily unbolted the blower and legs from the stand to fit it in my car. My question is what should and shouldnt I do before I put it to work. I am planning on replacing the oil and lubing everything up. I would like to wire wheel the entire thing (it is covered in saw dust) and throw a coat of paint on it. One question I have is, when I am cranking the blower and then rlease the handle the couterweight spinning does not seem to last as long as I thought it should, could my gears be messed up? Other than that it works great, so again is there anything I should or shouldnt do to it before I put it to work? Thanks.





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A good soak in a bucket of diesel, enough to submerge it, for a week or so should do the trick. You may not have to take it apart. Then use THIN oil for lube. I use a mix of 30wt and ATF, 50/50. 20wt is even better. (30 is what I had at the time) Heavier lube will make it harder to turn and in cold weather even more so.

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Thanks for the replies. I decided I am not going to paint it. Just hit it with the wire wheel and be done with it.

I am going to take the top off to clean out any sludge and build up and fill it back up with fresh oil. According to what I have researched I am only suppose to fill it up to the drain plug with oil, is this correct?

Thanks again for the replies.:)

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The oil is bad. That front gear with the circle and shield shaped holes is a shiny brass in it's natural habitat. That brownish gunk in the bottom is the oil solidified. It is also coating your gears. Inside each of those protruding cylinders on the side and front and back are ball bearings that will be covered in that old oil as well. Be careful when you take it apart, because the ball bearings are loose and held in place by a cone shaped nut. when you remove that, the ball bearings may come rolling out and find all sorts of places to hide. A wife with a bowl held under it is perfect to prevent that though. In mine, only the bearings on the fan shaft were free, the ones on the hand crank gear shaft were held in place by a retaining collar. There are 12 ball bearings on the front and back of the fan shaft and 9 each on the hand crank gear shaft. Good luck cleaning it up.


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I'm with NakedAnvil and rmcpb on this, it ain't broke, and seems to work, so don't try fixing it. Clean it out and lube it up. Maybe repeat in 6 months to a year since the residues will soften in that time and may come off with a simple wash of diesel or kerosene then, when they wouldn't now.


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