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I Forge Iron

New from Ontario, Canada


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New to metalwork & forging. Took a weekend course and caught the bug...:)
Interested in ornamental & artistic work along with more practical items like campfire & cooking accessories.

I've slowly been turning my garage into a shop and collecting tools for a while now. Just ordered myself a propane forge and am anxiously awaiting for it to arrive. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait! Yes... I know I could have built one but at the rate I've been going, it wasn't gonna happen too soon! :D

I'm also into vintage cast iron cookware - collecting, restoring and especially using it!

I'm just south of London, Ontario in St Thomas.

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Welcome to the forum Paul. Have you Joined OABA yet? You should come on out to some meetings.

Thanks.... I joined in 2008 and attended a couple of events, but I let my membership slide for 2009. I almost(:o) volunteered for editor of the Iron Trillium, but they found someone before I had the chance... lol. Was thinking 'bout signing up again, but being recently unemployed (after 16 years with the same company), I'm counting my pennies.:)
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It will likely be early to mid February. I have to order a minimum of 50 from the foundry when I have them made and I need to wait till it is getting closer to the time to ship more to Blacksmith Depot. I am picking up 50+ of the 20 lb blocks early in the new year they have them cast but will not get them ground till they get back in January. I also 6 of the 140lb trunnion blocks sitting in the shop. If you need one quickly Rob has a couple for sale.

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