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Etching tradename


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Make your own, there's a few cost effective solutions out there to do rather nice stencils without having to pay design and production costs. I assume that because you want a stencil you want to chemically etch the design into the metal?
Personally I've been considering the etch-o-matic approach. You start by printing your design onto a transparency, expose your stencil to light then develop it - then using power supply and electrolytic solution etch your design onto your blade. I've been reading up on this for months and I've heard some negatives, however I think that with trial and error comes better understanding and eventually better results. Another downside is the $170 starter kit. I know that I can get a product like photoez to make stencils out of for around $30 for what they call a high-res 8.5x11 pre-emulsioned nylon mesh 3 pack - I'm fairly certain I can find the right transformer or even use a car battery for the electrical side of things (yes, I know, home fab-electrical can be dangerous but I used to work in high voltage) - as far a electrolytic solution, part of me says thats just a salt+water but I know there's a more exact science behind it I just can't seem to find the right information. After all my research I'm sure this can be done at a fraction of the cost. There's my two cents+ .. I'm not trying to hijack the thread but perhaps someone here has made their own electronic chemical etching equipment or other stencil type etching equipment and could give a few pointers?

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Cross Peen that is what I want to try but need to find the vinyl decal any ideas?

From the link, it appears you can get the material from a printer shop. If you need more specific information than the page, you could try contacting ariel - his email is on the website and he doesn't seem to mind sharing. Let us all know if you do.

Bill Edited by Cross Pein
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