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Leaves for Jim Wilson

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Leaves for Jim Wilson

As a tribute to Jim Wilson, we are collecting hand made leaves to assemble into an art piece, and presented to his wife Sheri. Everyone is welcome to contribute.

Leaf design and size if of your choice. Please leave a long stem on the leaf so it can be shortened before attachment. (It can be cut shorter much easier than it can be made longer)

If you would like to make two or three leaves, that will provide an opportunity to add volumn to the project if needed. Marks are not a requirement, but if you have a touchmark, add it or your initials to the leaf.

If you have ideas on a design into which the leaves can be incorporated, please pass it along. A decision will be made later, depending on the amount of leaves on hand, as to how they will be used, whether in an art piece, a table, a gate, sections in a railing, or whatever.

Send your leaf or leaves and design ideas to:

IForgeIron/Glenn Conner
607 Crestview Drive
Big Chimney, WV 25302-4415

Spread the word far and wide that everyone is encouraged to participate.
Put all leaves in the mail by October 1, 2005. This date will allow the folks at SOFA (sept 24, 25) to participate also.

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