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Anvil Opportunity? Need advice please :)

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Hi all,

Just discovered your forum recently, lots of good information here. I'm looking at getting into blacksmithing.

I currently have a 55lb english anvil but I am wanting something bigger. I have an opportunity to purchase this anvil. The owner said it weighs about 240 lbs with the wooden stand when on his bathroom scale. Supposedly it came out of a refinery here in Texas and was around 100 years old or so. The current owner is asking $300.

Sorry, but this is the only pic I have at the moment. I just wanted to see what yalls input would be?


J. Alan


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We really need to see the face *BUT* iff the face is in good condition *AND* the weight is accurate then that is a reasonable price---especially if they throw in the post vice on the deal... (if the anvil weighs 200# then that's $1.50 a pound; if it's 150# then that's $2 a pound so it most likely is somewhere in between) Look for the weight markings and know when and how to use the CWT system vs just pounds.

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Ok, I saw the anvil today and had the opportunity to take some more pics. I can get the anvil and the vise for $300.00 Weighed it out, and total weight of the anvil on the stand is around 240 lbs or so using a bath scale.

Let me know your opinions! is this an ok deal? any idea on what type/brand of anvil this is? I know it needs a bit of work, but this is the best deal I have found so far in several months of looking.

Also should mention, this seller is within 20 miles of my home, so I will be able to pick up and transport.

Thanks again!

J. Alan








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Looks like a fair deal to me also. $300 for the anvil AND vise, yep, I'd get it. How about hitting the "User CP" in the green bar at top of page and update your profile as to where you live. I'm in East Texas, about 7 mile east of Longview. TEXAS is a fairly big state ya know;) With 4 blacksmith groups here I'm sure you are close to one of them. We'd love to have you join up with us. Good luck with the purchase!

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Yeah...sorry about the pic size! LOL..used my wifes Canon digital SLR, and on my PC, I don't have any image editing software on it. Next time I'll stick with my Mac! :)

Going to pick up the anvil today. I much appreciate all of your input!

I will update my profile information as well, thanks for pointing that out! I'm originally from Arkansas and plan on moving back there soon, but currently in Houston Texas area.

Thanks again everyone!

J. Alan

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Hi Thomas,

Northeastern part of the state, little town called Hardy. Grew up in that area, out in the hills. Lived in Jonesboro for about 20 years after high school.

That NW corner where you are from has changed a lot lately, place is growing so fast it is bursting at the seams!

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