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I Forge Iron

OOoooo I'm excited!

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I was out looking for some stuff in the back shed, and I found a blower! It's meant to be used with those inflatable kid bouncing play structures. I totally forgot about it. We used to have a play deal for the kids and their friends, but the dog chewed through the plastic and we eventually got rid of it. It puts out a really large force, I'll have to try and find the specs for it. This is great :) If anything it will be too strong and too loud. I'll have to make a choke plate to control the airflow. I might try placing the blower 10+ feet away from the forge, and just run the air hose over.

Also there is a Saturday welding class next quarter at the local community college. My goal is to have a forge built by the new year!

Also after tomorrow I leave for burning man. Always a good time ;)

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Wim are you using coal or charcoal?

If charcoal the ash builds up and needs to be removed.

If coal, it tends to coke up a solid ring around the tuyere that needs to be pulled apart on a regular basis with the forge rake.

This is assuming that the motor is not overheating and slowing down.


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Thomas, on my first couple of sessions, I used anthracite. The caols break up into a lot of small coals, and then the air cannot get through the 5" of coal. The fan has a little bimetal overheat protection switch, keeps cutting out.

I went to a combined demo on a exhibition of old cars with 8 other more experienced smiths last weekend. Learned a lot about forging, tools, coal, and had lot of fun. It was my first time interacting with other smiths.

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