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  1. Hey. Nicolaas, nice to meet you. It's been years since I have visited here. I used to run this blog. Nice to see it's still going. I am located in Kempton Joh'burg. Ek praat gewoonlik afrikaans, maar vir die amerikaners hou ek dit maar op Engels. Hulle wil graag volg wat word gese.
  2. OOM HERMAN!!! Jammer ek kan OOM nie help nie!! English: Sorry Uncle Herman, I can't help you there!!
  3. Hey, Herman, it's you still visiting this site! Keep well.
  4. As my forge is outdoors, as you can see on my Gallery, I am forced to work outdoors. Normally that is fine, because the weather in South Africa is mostly sunny. But the sun can get quite hot, so I wear a wide rim hat, then it is actually very nice. You get used to working in full sunlight, and you learn to judge the color of the steel, after a couple of burns. However I am making plans to make a corrugated roof over the area of the anvils and the vice, about 2.5m x 4 m, that is about 8' x 12'. It will also prevent rain to weather my equipment. I will post pictures as soon as it's done. Wi
  5. Hi everybody, For those that are coming to the Forge In on the Saturday of the 28th November 2009 at Paul and Wiebke's plot, to close off the year, here is what is happening. You are welcome from about 8.30 AM. Paul has got the steel and the coal, just bring your safety gear and hammer and some handtools. Bring your own food and drinks for the during the day, and everything for the Bring and Braai. Some charcoal is welcome. To relief Wiebke, also bring your own plate, eating utensils and cups, dish drying cloth, toilet paper, camp chair. Make sure you bring everything, because the nearest
  6. Dear everyone, Since our becoming a distinct group of Blacksmiths at Wheel at the Vaal 2006, and our starting a Forum for South African Blacksmiths on www.iforgeiron.com we haven’t only grown as a group, but we have also made contact with Blacksmiths in the far corners of South Africa. I have at this moment 44 Blacksmiths in six of the nine provinces of our country on record. Some we know from iforgeiron.com, others from the Ystervegter forge in at Coenraad’s place and the forge in at Paul’s place, and the ever growing “Wheels at the Vaal” event. This not even close to everybody that
  7. As usual we had a great time, we had a record number of smiths and families this year. We made a hemispherical sundial, of which you can see the pictures on the gallery under Blacksmithing events/ Wheels on the Vaal 2009. From Friday afternoon 16.00 hr till Sunday afternoon 17.00 hr we had a great time talking to each other, forging, demonstrating to the public, learning from each other, stretching our comfort zone in the art. We had good exposure, there was a TV crew of local TV channel Kyknet, that interviewed Coenraad, and took a few lovely shots of our area, while everybody was beating
  8. How do you normally forge, inside or outside, under a shadow or in the open daylight. What are the whether conditions in your part of the global village, too hot or too cold. Would you like it differently? How important is working in the shade to you, to be able to spot the correct metal temperature. I for one enjoy outdoor work, it relaxes me and reminds me of why I came to Africa in the first place. Sometimes the sun is too hot to work in. Normally I keep my Blacksmithing work for later in the day, from 15.00 onwards. The evening twilight is quite short here, so by 19.30 it is already dar
  9. Hi Oz Hello Jeff, Glad to hear there's a couple of Blacksmith in the Last Outpost. Sorry to hear you feel all deserted. But hey 600 km is not that far, if you want to come up to attend a forge in or something we can accomodate you for a sleepover somewhere. There's guys coming over from Cape Town once a year. Let me know if you guys are interested, then I will keep yous in the Loop of any events. Blacksmith greetings, Wim
  10. Dis goed om te weet daar is Blacksmiths in die Oos Kaap. Johan van Niekerk uit Port Elizabeth het ook al ingeskakel op iforgeiron.com Sy username is Johanvn. Dalk kan julle kontak met mekaar maak. As jy 'n keer wil deurkom na Johannesburg. laat my weet dit sal oulik wees om jou te ontmoet. Bel gerus as jy enige vrae het, as ek nie antwoorde het kan ek weer ander ouens vra. My nommer is 083 263 7325 Groete en nogmaals Welkom. Wim Nice to hear there are Blackmiths in the eastern Cape. Johanvn from PE is also a member at IFI Maybe you guys can make contact. If ever you are in Jo'burg let
  11. Wim


    The End Result
  12. Wim


    Detail of the Sundial hemisphere
  13. Wim is busy with the equator band, from which the hours of the day can be read.
  14. Fire!!! Abie and Job
  15. Lucky is sledging while Coenraad holds the tooling. These are elements of the pedestal.
  16. Jacques is busy with the North South axis arrow
  17. Theuns is busy with some elements of the Sundial.
  18. The fires are lit for a weekend of blacksmithing, surrounded by vintage cars, bikes and agricultural equipent from days gone by.
  19. The annual Wheels at the Vaal exhibition is organised by Chevrolet South Africa, and is held on the grounds of the University of Vanderbijlpark. This year the event takes place on 4th and 5th September 2009. For many years the organisers have hosted our Blacksmiths group, and it has become the highlight of our Blacksmiths calendar. We are exhibiting the traditional craft to Blacksmithing to the public, be it in an artistic form, and hopefully inspire some to join the craft, as hobby or vocation. Project Sundial This year
  20. Wheels on the Vaal, on the Grounds of the University of Vanderbijlpark, South Afrika.
  21. This is the project we will be tackling on this years Wheels. You can start thinking of a nice element to do. See you there, Wim
  22. Wim

    Hemispherical Sundial

    Our planned project for this coming Wheels on the Vaal weekend on 5th and 6th of September 2009. We hope to place pictures of the end result on the blacksmithing events gallery.
  23. The wheels on the Vaal event is fast approaching. This year we will have new combined project to complete with all the participating blacksmiths, over 2 days, and it will take place the weekend of 5th and 6th September, on the campus of the university of Vanderbijlpark, on the banks of the Vaal river. This year we will attempt a traditionally forged sundial. All the names of the participating smith will be punch marked on the endresult, as has become the tradition over the last years. If you are living or visiting in South Africa please watch this thread for more details, as I will place di
  24. When I step on the foot pedal, the ash drop out valve closes, and gives me extra blast. The incoming air is pre-heated in the air box, before it enters the fire pan through the bottom hole. Any questions?
  25. Wim

    Various candle stands

    My wife likes the scrolls, I like the rough look. Does that surprise you?
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