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new hardy tool

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Not that I know of, but Mike is going to mill and drill some swage dies in my piece of 3 1/2"x 3 1/2" 4340 today. I'll put more impressions in it as the need arises.

Makes sense. I will have to add 3.5 by 3.5" material to my list of metal to keep an eye out for. :D

I will also need to weld-up another two of those holders, one with a 3/4" stub, and another on a piece of angle iron. My anvils for historically correct demos have 3/4" hardy holes for the most part, and my main shop anvil has a hardy hole that is larger than 1".

By putting tooling on an angle iron base gets around the problem of differing size hardy holes, and trying to figure out which bucket of hardies goes with which anvil, and trying to remember which pile of adapters adapt which hardy tools to which anvil.
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Bobinbama, There are several tools out there that I've run across that I like, and most of them are made by individuals here in America. Grant Sarver's tongs probably top the list, but there are other individuals out there like Steve Parker that are making some nice tongs at affordable prices, also. Big Blue is making power hammers and hand hammers. Brent Bailey makes very nice hammers. Yesteryear Forge has quite a few different tools at very competitive prices out there. And, of course, there is Uri Hofi's hammers.

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