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power hammer for sale in stougton ma

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I have the same hammer & still need to finish re-building it:( I was also able to run one that works in Or it did a nice job !
Main thing on that hammer are the slide's ,ck them-- mine were junk I had 2 new one's machined out my cost was $75.00 & did some repair welding on the top hammer head slide area also so its fixable. main spring is good the rest of the spring pack is rusted will make new springs for it should be easy to do

GOOD luck if anyone get it :)

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Beast I don't remember how loud it was, been awhile since I was there
to me wasn't the bad but then again I have a welding shop lol hmm noise ???
mine is not running yet :( no help there at the time I thought it wasn't bad just don't run it a 2 am ;) here I can but I don't unless I have to make late night noise welding or other Heck I hate working @ 2 am to LOL !

Mike Hr from Or can answer that he knows about the hammer

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Those are very good mechanical hammers. Anyone in the Boston area should snap it up.

Doug- The answer to your question is that it depends. How big and isolated is your slab or foundation block? How well is the hammer fastened down? What are the soil conditions, are you on bedrock or sand? How tight is the hammer, if it's really worn you will hear more rattling and clacking. As industrial tools go they are not so loud, a pair of ear plugs will give the operator all day comfort but if you are in a residential neighborhood you better be on really good terms with your neighbors.

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