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Hofi hammer repair


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Is this a Hofi hammer, a similar styled hammer, or are you asking him specifically for advice?

If it's not a hammer that Hofi made, I think you might want to revise your title.

If it is, I'm sure he'll be along shortly to help.


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i am a hammer nut i like nothing better than building new hammer handles and fitting them and useing a wood and serval steel weges but i do have 3 hofi hammers that are glued only one has every give me any trouble and it was not a hammer he built but one that he licened and they used a diffrent glue . glenn has the glue it is what i used and have had no trouble.clean the handle and re glue would be my vote.

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If this is a Hofi Hammer, I have a tube of the glue in stock that Hofi uses when he makes the hammers. The glue acts both as an adhesive and filler material and sets but does not become super hard.

Other glues may or may not work. Some glues require close tolerances (do not act as a filler), some glues set up and harden to where they have no give, some do not harden, so choose your glue according to the properties you want. With any adhesive, clean surfaces are a must for good adhesion.

Wood handles usually depend on the shape of the eye and compression and expansion of the wood to hold the handle, not adhesives.

Knowing which hammer you have, and photos would help.

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I Forge Iron - BP1012 Making Hammer Handles this is how he attaches handles, for Hofi made Hofi hammers. It's the last paragraph in the article.

A word about Sikaflex and other polyurethane adhesives: Oil eventually breaks down the bond. I know this because I know a number of people who use mineral oil filled in hull depth sounder transducers that failed by the adhesive peeling off the fiberglass *and* the PVC flange. Everything was properly prepared, but after 2-3 years of continuous oil contact the bond weakened and failed. After proper and aggressive solvent cleaning this situation was resolved with epoxy, but that is a poor choice for a hammer head.

If your hammer was bathed in oil regularly you will not be able to rebond the handle without serious cleaning with acetone or similar oil removing solvent. Glenn sells Sikaflex, the exact same stuff Hofi uses.

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Thanks to all for the info. To Glenn, mine is a 2.4 pound Hofi forged cross peen hammer (of course, no wedges). Don't know which type of Sikaflex to use - seems there are several types; also, I don't know how to get to your store. I haven't oiled the handle - it is stored inside a toolbox when not in use & is in virtually new condition. Any special tips on using the Sikaflex? Does it have a good shelf life (I may order extra)? Thanks again to all.

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