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  1. I am in the Amarillo area welcome to the forum their is a world of info here so just keep reading . the closest blacksmith group is in OK.( Saltfork Craftsmen )good group also in their are several Texas groups but a long drive from Amarillo
  2. explain the different and let him decide the customer is aways rite :unsure:
  3. yes oil the wood blocks with light oil about 30 weight
  4. we have a different brand machine don't know if i wood recommend it had my share of problems with it their are lot of people who like the pcam machine i did not like what i saw but lots do .be ready to spend a lot of time learning all the do and don't with their software.most ove thees entry level machine leave a little to be desired as compared to an industrial machine
  5. they all have their place that said i would not buy a wire welder that only use flux core wire their are times when shelding gas dose not work as in out doors in the wind . that is where flux core or stick works best.but indoors solid wire is what i would use.
  6. i am a hammer nut i like nothing better than building new hammer handles and fitting them and useing a wood and serval steel weges but i do have 3 hofi hammers that are glued only one has every give me any trouble and it was not a hammer he built but one that he licened and they used a diffrent glue . glenn has the glue it is what i used and have had no trouble.clean the handle and re glue would be my vote.
  7. STOP USEING INTILL YOU HAVE THE LEAK FIXED take the bottle to you welding supply and have it check.dont take any chances with a fuel leak
  8. RADIO SHACK use to sell a db. metter you might try them us to be 19.99
  9. posable drill stem from cable tool reg no hole threw center
  10. the arms are made of cast steal and are weldable all you have to do is remave very bit of the brass and weld with a good rod like 7018 . i have repared several that way and little gaint sells new one for about 150.00 if i remmber right.
  11. you may not like the price but a good bearing house should be able to help.
  12. 1 hp 1725 rpm will be fine on the little gaint web site they say 3 in i have one with a 3 and one with a 2 1/2 they both work. the one with the 3 i just listed for sale in the tailgating section .
  13. to do powdercoating right you need to blast and then ecth with a converson prosess phosphating being one of these, all of whitch will remove the look you are after. you could just clean with a wax and grease remover and then coat .your powder finish is not going to be as durable without the proper pretreatment but probley tougher than anything you can spray from a can. their are serval clear powercoateing avaible from very glossey to satin depending on the brand of powder from very slick to ruff surface texture are avable you should talk with a local may want to use an oil finish.
  14. i would have them rebuilt if they are not working it could be more than just diaphragms. why take a chance . it dose take some special tool to take them apart withought damage them get est. first allways.
  15. take a pair of dividers and draw a circle the diameter of the leg centers then with out changing the dividers mark around the outside of the circle it should have 6 marks. use every other one