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Why this blacksmith school

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I am a beginner to blacksmithing.* Previously, I had taken a five day*beginner course from a well known instructor and wanted to continue*learning and developing my skills in blacksmithing.* I continued to*work on my blacksmith projects but needed to increase my skills and*wanted to work with someone.* I realized I could progress faster with* the help of another teacher.

I looked around at the many schools throughout the U.S.A.* I talked to*many people and finally decided on the*Turley Forge* Blacksmithing*School in Santa Fe, NM.* I am so pleased with my choice of this school.

I signed up for the 6 day course.* First, the school looks like a old*style blacksmith shop.* I have taken many classes from many teachers*and know what it takes to excite and interest me and others.* Frank is*one of the best teachers I have ever met.

I told Frank I didn

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i took the begining 3 week school at Turley Forge, last October at this time. I still hvent worked my way thru his whole curricullum in my shop. It IS the school. As you said the history, the depth, the tools, little tricks and his techique just plain rocks...I said when I left I think anyone with the slightest interest in history or metal should go and dive right in...it is a very fufilling time spent with an extremely talented instructor.

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