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Gene Chapman

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I don't mean to sound like a groupie, but your books have helped me out a lot as a newbie amature blade maker. I belong to a local blacksmith group (New River Forge Council-Appalachian Blacksmith Assn.). Last meeting I took a copy of your antler drilling engine I recently made. We played with it quite a bit and decided it was a "keeper". Now they all want copies of your books! I posted pix in the "tools" section if you want to see it. I've re-made some of the parts since the pictures were taken to tighten up some of the "slop" in the first go-round.

Anyway, thanks again for the help...bart

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It isn't real sharp and I don't want to sharpen it as it would ruin the patina. I did trying it on a 3 X 5 card and it tore the card rather than cutting it.

Glad you made the drilling engine. The same principal applies for drilling a tomahawk handle. I had a wooden makeshift setup and drilled a 3/4 or 7/8 inch dowel through the middle, a battery operated drill was used.

Glad you like my publications, it's a retirement thing. I'm working on a new one but have stalled in the nice weather.

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Although I must say, I like the look of the original better, with it's hand forged wing nuts, etc.

Seeing the Dewalt drill reminded me of something a buddy of mine did. He saw an episode of "Survivorman" where fire was started with a bow drill. My buddy was about to give up when he spied his Dewalt battery operated drill. He said that after he chucked the wooden spindle in the drill, he had fire in less than a minute! I still laugh out loud at that one.

By the way, I have remade the uprights and tightened up the "slop" on the drilling engine I made since I posted the original photos. Now it drills true at all lenghts and will go out to about 11-1/2 inches. If I ever try a pipe hawk I may have to "steal" your electric drill setup. Keep up the great work/writing...thanks a bunch...bart

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