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How to bend 2 90's close

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This came up while explaining how I made a flat induction coil. Thought I should post it here.

Ya ever run into the need to make two 90 degree bends right next to each other? Like the first picture. There's just no way you're gonna get that second bend into the bender. Well, long time ago I had to figure that one out. After much head scratching I came up with this. Pretty easy once you know the trick. Actually there are many times where I find it easier to bend in one plane and then twist it into another plane. Got me out of trouble on more than one occasion.

I've done this on work up to two inch diameter. Sometimes I see folks struggling to make a bend close to the end of a bar too. Often it saves time and comes out better if you leave a long "tail" on it and cut it off after. Getting a bend right at the end is darn near impossible and if you get it close you end up beating the end up pretty bad.






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