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whats the general consensus on these two anvils

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Hello I have come to inherit two anvils one is a 90lb fisher and the other is a 123 lb arm and hammer. I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with either one of these brands and if they are of any good quality. I have not used either one but hope to soon. Any information would be greatly appreciated

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Both are great brands, (A&H was made in Columbus OH, Fisher in NJ)

Fisher's are quiet anvils without a lot of ring and so are a joy to use indoors or in thickly settled neighborhoods.

A&H should ring like a bell and should be muted in use---unless at a demo where the ring will bring in folks from far away---wear earplugs!.

Both of them are on the small end of things so please don't abuse them with heavy hammers and large stock.

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They are both JUNK don't get caught dead with them please pm me so I can give you my address and you can send them to me then you won't have to live with the shame oF owening them, please hurry don't let anyone see them they might laugh at you.
I will hide them in my garage and tell people they are some other type of anvil if they see them ,have you pm me yet H U R R Y .

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He's not a smart man !
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