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Just a few words of introduction I have been playing with the 25$ forge I bought at an auction for about 2 years This forum is amassing the things I have learned in the last two days have cleared a lot of questions from the table. I have found so many projects to start I don't know were to begin. Look forward to sharing them when I finish them awesome site!

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Welcome aboard Ark, glad to have you.

Well, if we don't miss something every once in a while we start thinking we're perfect and then realy screw up. ;)

if you're having trouble selecting projects you might try the "Lessons in Blacksmithing" section for a logical order of progressively more difficult projects. I know how you feel though, if you want an overdose of the "I want to try THATs" try taking a stroll through the gallery.

Not only is the gallery inspirational it's a good way to start forging with a purpose. For instance say you see mirror frame you'd like to make your Mother for Father's day. (family joke) When you finish cataloguing the different processes involved you'll have a study plan. I learn much faster with a purpose and study plan.


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