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Buying an anvil

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I'm new to Blacksmithing and am wanting to purchase an anvil.

I've attached a few photos of the anvil I'm interested in buying. Does anyone have any comments? It's valued at $485 Aussie Dollars (but I reckon I could offer less and still acquire it). It has a nice ring and the hammer bounces back about 50% of the height it was dropped from. The weight is about 120 pounds. It has a small chip out of one corner of the heel.

It appears to be forged as the sides are not so smooth, but there are two holes at the base which may indicate that the thing has been cast. As I'm inexperienced, I'm not sure.

One of the edges has a part of its length still reasonably sharp, and the rounded edges are not too bad. The face is still a fair height from the table/horn.

Any advice would be appreciated.









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I used a currency conversion calculator and came up with about $409 in U.S. dollars. As for price, around where I live I would expect to pay less than $200 U.S. dollars for that size Mousehole brand anvil in approximately that condition. The price would depend on what anvils of that make and condition are going for in your area. It would help to post the brand of the anvil, a close-up of any stampings on the anvil, a close-up of the two longest edges taken from a side view, and where in Australia you are so that people local to your area could advise you. :D

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I have found that in general that things are bought and paid for at the price you think they may be worth to you. Each person varies. Some may think that's too much, others may think it's just right or that they are getting a great deal. So what's it worth to you? Do you want to hold out a bit longer, or splurge a chunk of change on something you may think you are getting duped on? There is no specific "going price". There are many schools of thought on how an anvil should be priced. Some say a dollar a pound. Others say historical value.

Mull it over a little more. Sleep on it. You are asking what we think, so that indicates to me that you may be a little unsure about buying it. If that anvil has been there a while, chances are it's not going anywhere fast. If it's still there next week and you want to pay the asking price, then it's yours.

Think about it. And good luck on finding the one that is right for you.

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Thanks guys.

Anvils in Australia are pretty expensive. I compared ebay anvils from the UK to Aussie ones and they are almost half price (including the dollar-pound change).

The symbol is in one of the photos and time has not been kind to it's condition. It is a circle but I can't make out any letters within the circle. There is also "12" embossed in the side, but can't tell what this is indicating.

Thanks again

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