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welded cable seax

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Hello Everyone,
this is a set of pics from my new shop and of the first knife I have made since moving into it. I have been busy building things for the shop since we bought our first home, and now I have to catch up with making knives.You will also see my new Grizzly grinder in the pics. It is an amazing step up from the Delta 1/4hp I was using. quiet and smooth, too. But, I still use the Delta for handles, smaller belt width and slower speed.

welded cable
about 11.5" blade
16" oal
bird's eye maple, leather spacer, and nickel silver fittings

I am going to weld more cable soon. It is great to see patter up close.

thanks for looking,








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I had the same problem with photos..believe me I ain't no sort of photographer but ever since i got a Sony H20...man the pics I am able to take are light years ahead of wehat I was taking before... The H20 isn't all that much $$$ ..not when you see all that it does and boy it makes even my photos look decent... Just a suggestion..if you can afford the tarriff on it..go for it...


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