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I Forge Iron

How's it goin', eh?

Rio Bravo

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I'm in Southern, Ontario (Canada; not California). I've lived around here pretty much my whole life except for 3 years in the mid-nineties when I lived in El Paso, TX.

I'm a complete novice at this craft; hoping to pick some of your expert brains!


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Welcome aboard Dave, glad to have ya.

I see you like living just north of borders. I've heard of weirder things. ;)

A good place to get started is with a little reading, the "Getting Started and Lessons in Blacksmithing" sections are there to speed things up for the new comer. The "Blueprints" section if full of how to articles about, tools, equipment, and projects shared by working blacksmiths from around the world.

The best part of course is pulling up a stump and yakking with the gang. Most of us have pretty pickable brains.


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If you ever make it to Georgia, come by and we will get a two four, some back bacon, and we will watch Red Green.

Celtic Forge, eh?

I'm currently living in Fergus, Ontario; "The Scottish Capital of Canada".

And, all of your suggestions sound great. My niece's boyfriend is down your way playing hockey for the Thrashers...I might actually get there some day!
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