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Youtube hammer video

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Well it looks like the blow control is very nice for such a big hammer; easy to use. However all that lovely high quality hydraulic driving system looks vvvveeeeerrrrryyyyy expensive!!
So i reckon price would be a negative feature, and don't forget hydraulic oil likes to be outside pipes;)
Davy of forging press fame (looks like one in the background of video), also made 'high' speed single arch hammer like models. I've only seen one picture, and never the operation of them. Has any one else experianced these?
Chullora railway shops had two large single arch steam hammers running on air. Apparently just needed industrial sized compressor and receiver, slightly more 'off the shelf' set up and maintainence ;)
Seemed to work ok, though definately not the efficiency of the video system.

Thanks muchly for the video link Judson, its very interesting and good to see innovation in the world of industrial forging.
Andrew O'C

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Seems to be a little small what they are forging for a 2 ton hammer, or maybe this is the 1st go after rebuild and they are starting off small. Firm down the road towards Sydney has a massey 2 ton they forge jobs up to about 1 ton in weight under it!
It would be interesting to see it after a few years of work and wear as to how the nitrogen gas system holds up.
Hey Andrew
I never knew that there was a group photo taken of that weekend in my workshop, we'll have to have another one before we leave here.

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I know the hammer, and the firm that installed it. Its a Massey 2 ton 'Rigby' Air hammer that was pretty well completly shot, so they fitted the hydraulic head to it (made in China). The hammer is installed in the UK.

By all accounts it works very well, and is massivly more efficent than the very worn air cylinder it replaced.

The nitrogen just acts as the accumulator over the oil. Hydraulic hammers like this are very popular in China.

The forge it is operating in works with alot of die and tool steels, possibly the reason the forging looks kinda small!


We made a hydraulic hammer for closed die forging (the 'hydrostamp'). Massey was owned by Davy for a while so this is probably the machine you are thinking of. I dont know any one else that made a hydraulic hammer in the UK

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