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WTB swages


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Just saying hello, I'm new to blacksmithing. I,m a wood turner wanting to make some turning tools. I've made some in the past using a map gas torch. I have a forge and an anvil and a pole vice. Where can I get some swages?

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Don -You can easily make some for what your wanting to do for making lathe gouges etc. Get a block of steel and drill a hole in it close to the edge with the same radius as you want the outside of your tool that will be forged. Then cut the block through the hole so you have a block with a half hole shape(your swage). Round off all the edges to about a 1/8" radius so there is no sharp edges, now you have yourself a swage block that can be used to form the ends of your tools. Do this on the same block (if it's large enough) for all the sizes you want to make, or make individual blocks for each size you choose. - JK

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Don what country are you in? (Unless you are willing to pay for international shipping...)

Do you want new or old ones? If old ones you should list sizes as you are dependent on what's out there.

Note that listing the size of your hardy hole helps if you do not want to spend time converting them.

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