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Francis Whitaker "recipes in iron"

Bryce Masuk

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being a person who is always searching for information, charlotte in a previous thread had mentioned this book has some useful information,

however looking for this book used I have found copys only in the price range of 400-1000 us dollars

Personally I dont need it as a collectable or anything like that nor can I afford that amount for a book,

does anyone know if there is a reprint or a Ebook available of this book?
or could provide me with a few excerpts?

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Same problem here. When I first looked for it, the price was $45. Seemed to high at the time. The next time I searched it out, $140. Also seemed to high, but from what you are saying, I shouldd have bought it then. Acutaly, I think the title was "Blacksmiths Cookbook"

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The book is out of print and has been for close to about a decade. The next best thing is George Dixon's "The Blacksmith's Craft, a Legacy of Francis Whitake" Vol. I. This book has a lot of the "Blacksmith's Cookbook" by Francis Whitaker in it, along with "Whitakerisms" that Mr. Dixon inserted throughout the book. I was told Vol. II was to be released in Fall of '08, (told to me by the publisher) not sure what has happened with it.... I highly recommend purchasing this book, it's available on Amazon I know. Also, most ABANA groups have a library that members can check out books, tapes, and videos and I'm sure most have at least one copy of "Blacksmith's Cookbook". I can't wait for Vol. II to hit the market!

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George Dixion worked closely with Francis Whitaker for a while and is an excellent smith in his own right as well an excellent Illustrator.

Artisan North America, This web site ArtisanIdeas.com , carries the book Thomas Dean cited as well as two other books published with Francis Whitaker as author. They specializ in hard-to-find books and DVDs for blacksmiths, bladesmiths, knifemakers, gunsmiths, coppersmiths, metalsmiths and jewelers.

The vendor is kind of intresting in that the publish a seperate pamplet dedicated to Blacksmithing Books and DVD's Their inventory includes Uri Hofi's dvds as well as some by Amit Har-lev published by Big Blu Hammer. There listing includes roughly 90 different Items.
I honestly did not know that "Blacksmith's Cookbook: Recipes in Iron" had become a scarce item. I do know that I would not like to part with my copy. However the over 100 dollar price is a little excessive when Dixon's collabrative efforts are still available as well as some self authored books.



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Yeah I usually buy my books from Jim at Artisan Idea's,

however you really cant examine the content until they arrive,

when I put in my next order I will probley buy both or all three of the francis whitaker books

my dad likes them as much as i do we usually end up sharing them because of the cost

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we recently had a member of NYSDBA give us some bad news, he has copd, and thus is starting to give up his gear, as I was loading some taps and dies, he mentioned he had a small library that he would be glad to give me, when I saw the cook book in the pile, at first my heart started going thud boom thud boom, I debated discussing it with him, but decided he had better know what it is worth, so I discussed it with him, and he just stated he wanted to be sure a blacksmith who loved the art as much as he did, recived it. I got sveral other a swell that were not in my library, and I read the recipes in iron cook book this morning, it has a lot of the usual stuff, but also great tips and designs for stair handrail work, grooving tools etc. There is no way I could have gotten it for the 400 dollars it goes for on ebay, but due to this mans generosity, it will be available for other members to read as well.

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Along the Francis Whitaker theme...Does anyone know if the second of the Blacksmith's craft volume will be released? The demise of the Blacksmiths Journal publishing group may or may not be a factor if they sold the rights to the publication.


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