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Howdy fellows, I have finally got all the parts and pieces together to complete my press.
Question #1) What type of switch do yo recomend for a 5 horse 220 motor?

Question #2) Is there a simple layout plan for the hydraulics piping?

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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well for the switch i would go to a eletrical supply house and pick one up there that its rated for your motor
as for the piping lay out you have suction line from the tank to the pump then the presure line out to the valve then outlet lines to the ram(they should be marked on the valve ) then a return line to the tank as for the postion of the valve lever i like my self to have the down stroke of the ram so you have to lift the valve handle up that way if you slip or fall on the handle the press will go up but thats my 2 cents and i would put quick disconects on the power lines so i could power other equitment in the future with the same pump

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I woulld use a rated magnetic starter for that size motor, or at least a mechanical pushbutton switch with the right size heaters to protect against over current.
Take all the motor nameplate data with you and the electrical supply house can help you. be prepared for about $100+

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