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I've been using variations of the old "monkey wrench" for years. They work great. Some I modified the existing jaws by rounding the edges. Some I extended the existing jaws by welding on spring steel extensions. You just have to be careful to not extend things too far.

The other major modification is to weld on an extra handle from the top of the wrench. This gives you two hands when twisting/bending. And more "even" force -- like when twisting square stock. Leaving flat areas in the original jaws also helps with that twisting of square stock.

I also often clamp my "monkeywrench" in my vice to use the jaws as a stationary bending fork with adjustable spacing. They are great to have several floating about the shop. I even occasionally use one to hammer with (like when under a vehicle tinkering up some repair and a real hammer is not handy). And I keep one in my pickup all the time, with the other assortment of tools - one with an all metal handle. Yes, I often abuse it as well. They come in a whole range of sizes.

Great project. You will be surprised at how much use you will get out of it.


p.s. I've also ... bent ... several in use. Even one of the BIG ones! OK, there was a pipe involved for extra ... leverage. They will take a lot of abuse, but sometimes we push their limits.

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love the wrench. I still have yet to see an old one of any size that wasn't "antique-y" priced.

love the boots too. I am guessing that the special model "spark-catcher" option on the left foot cost extra:o

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This is a good and original idea. If it is possible to point something out, without being a spoilsport though, I would like to say that I have bent this type of wrench when pulling sideways instead of in the direction they are designed to resist. Once bent, they are useless, as they can no longer be adjusted. If one were to weld the prongs on the side of the jaws instead of the back of the jaws, the bending danger is avoided.

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