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Billy Mays passed away in his sleep Sunday morning.

An infomercial guru, maybe you remember one of his big "Oxy Clean" sales pitches? His TV presence was entertaining, and a no holds bared BUY THIS NOW attitude was strong sales, but we didnt mind watching him try to sell to us! Rest well Billy.

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A hit on the head is serious stuff and folk tend to blow it off like that actress that died earlier this year. You get hit on the head get it checked out. You don't go home you go to the hospital emergency. I lost a friend because he was OK after hitting his head and he too died in his sleep. Felt a little sick so he went to bed and when his wife woke up the next morning he was cold in bed next to her.:(

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My wife told me now it was his heart. Still if you got that funny feeling that's what EMT's are around for, to check you out. That's their job, I had a little problem once and they were more the glad to come out to the house an haul me off the emergency room to get checked out all proper like.:cool:

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