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Burning Chrome


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Fumes from Chrome are toxic as are the fumes from other metals. I would recommend a High particulate filter on the respirator. Ask at the safety supply store on the particular type of filter. Remember that chrome is usually not applied directly to steel, there is another metal first plated onto the steel, tinned, and then the chrome is plated onto the other metal. The other metal may contain zinc or lead. Be careful


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I have used a blasting cabinet on several occasions with black coarse sand to remove chrome. Some chrome comes of easy some does not. I guess it depends on the quality of the plating process.
I try to avoid burning plating of any kind off these days.


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Waht Ever You Do Grind Or Send Blast Some Of The Toxic Metals Will Stay !!!
You Must Ventilate The Working Site ,open Windows And Doors .
I Have In My Smithy Big Ventilators That I Aim In A Way To Take The Fumes In The Other Direction Towards The Gig Windows. On Top Of It I Have Two Big Roof Ventilators That I Put On To Operate That Sucks The Fumes Trough The Ciling Port. Only Then Comes The Carbon Filter Mask, When The Ventilation Is Good You Do Not Need.

Uri Hofi

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Thanks for all the replys. As it turned out most of the chrome on the used ball hitch was worn off and the forge was well ventilated, but burning it off in an outside wood fire where wind and distance from the fire can be adhered to safely is the one I'll use for the next time. not so dead, Duck

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