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Hello i have been hanging around on the forums learning what i can. I watched, Knife Making Unplugged that was recommend in a post on the forum. That was a very good informational film, really answered most of my questions. Tim Lively makes it look too easy.

What i was wondering is, is it really that easy. Since I'm a beginner i was thinking of building this forge to start with. Charcoal Forge. But instead of using a hand blower use a spare hair dryer that i have. The parts i can easily get. I was wondering the knife that he makes is that type knife easy to forge for a beginner? Or do one of you recommend something better?


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Welcome aboard Stroyeror, glad to have ya.

Most folk recommend you learn to blacksmith before you start forging knives. Starting out with knives means learning a lot of skills sets at once rather than one or two at a time.

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