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Look in the Yellow pages for steel. A few minutes on the phone and you should find a place or two in your area. Many places will make you buy a full 20' length but some will allow you to buy a half length 10'. Most places will charge you to cut stock in half so you can transport it. Some yards will sell you part lengths in larger sizes. 1/4" -1/2" stock will be pretty cheap and it is worth buying that in 10 or 20 foot lengths.

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Morlock, i have to say i checked out your web page and your work is absolutely beautiful. Its inspiring to see such beautifull work with so much attention paid to even the smallest details.

i would love to see your shop when travelling through Niagara sometime!

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Thanks Krush. I'm actually about an hour due north of Oakville. Niagara Escarpment, yes. Niagara, not so much. ;) You'd likely be surprised at my workspace - let's just call it "compact".

Apropos to this thread, Hunter Steel is also good to deal with, and they have a handful of locations across Southern ON. Many people will recommend Metal Supermarkets, but I have trouble getting my orders clear with the reprobates they often seem to hire...

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