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  1. Hey i picked up an old forge and matching blower with "Thompson MFG Co. Grand Bay New Brunswick" cast into the iron if anybody has heard of the company let me know... google has nothing regarding the make or model. ill post pics tomorrow of the forge. cheers
  2. looks good... looks like we have he same anvil.. how thick is the steel face on yours? yeah its a shame about the pritchel hole but im a beginner i dont think il miss it until i need to do some punching etc. but there is always a drill press and from what people are telling me on here it was a good deal! so im stoked.
  3. love the pocket choppers, id like to make one, love the design. cheers
  4. loved watching the forging vids on youtube, Jim you forging the damascus pocket chopper and the goto chopper were so amazing, the effort put in and the instruction you gave was awesome. you my friend are responsible for my newly found hobby. im picking up my forge on sat and will have it running by next weekend... time to put the ol anvil through its paces. cheers coldcashandcolderhearts
  5. hey everybody just curious as to where i can get some stock in Ontario? in the mean time ill be in the scrap yards cheers
  6. Krush, thanks for the info i was thinking about buying tongs but i think i will make them my self, what better way to start! i'll just use what i have. you think i could use some old rebar as material for tongs? thanks
  7. Hello All, im jsut getting into blacksmithing, im located in Peterborough Ontario. i have been on this site reading/getting excited and am eager to set up my forge and get to work. yesterday i purchased a Vucan 200# anvil and some hammers, i have been collecting scrape steel for about a month. im almost ready to get going but im still in the market for a forge/blower (i may build my own forge if i can find a decent blower) and some tongs if anybody has some leads please let me know ill be more then willing to pick up stuff in southern Ontario for a fair price. i am also planning on going to L
  8. Aeneas, you gonna be needing all those tongs? im new to backsmithing but im eager to get my hands dirty banging some metal, im in the market for a forge/blower and some tongs, ill pay a fair price if you looking to sell a set or two. cheers
  9. no i have not, i saw that they will be having a meeting at Lang Pioneer Village which is very close to were i am living so ill be at the July meeting
  10. hello all, im new to blacksmithing (i haven't even hit hot metal yet... how embarrassing) but im keen to start and have been looking for some starter equipment. today i bought from what i have read here is a 200 pound vulcan anvil. i paid 100 Canadian dollars, its not the nicest anvil but i thought it would get me going in the right direction. it looks to have a steel face and cast iron body part is broken off just before the hardy hole. the area between the horn and face is pretty messed up. i did some rebound tests and with a hammer i was able to maybe get 65% rebound. there is no ring. let
  11. Hey everybody. im a university student in Canada and have recently taken an interest in blacksmithing and bladesmithing. as a small boy i remember being fascinated by the blacksmith at Upper Canada Village (a period reenactment town), now i think i will take a shot at it with my own hands. i look forward to reading and learning from this site and its members! peace/cheers
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