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Happy Birthday USA


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Everyone Enjoy this Momentus Holiday celebrating this Great Countries 230th Birthday. Show your Patriotism and let Old Glory stand PROUD in all her Glory.

And don't forget to think of our boys on guard to protect her through out the world and those who fought and Died to keep her flying proudly.

Jr. Strasil

an old Vet

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Appreciation of what our troops have done to get and keep this country fully independant and free from any foreign power wether by communism, monarchy, or just terrorism, still has it's own place in my heart and I think that everyone could just about say the same. In my opinion, it's not the fireworks or the carnivals that celebrate this great country's freedom, it's all of the family and friend get-togethers that people have that make it the celebration in that it would not be possible if our ancestors hadn't picked up the rifle, torch and pitchfork. I'm saying this not only because I think that America is THE greatest country in the world, but I know that there is alot of ole' vets that are here including you JR, and I would just like to show my appreciation my saying THANK YOU for all that you have done for me. I know just a simple thanks doesn't even come close to what you guys deserve, but it's all that I can do for right know. My grandfathers served this country and someday I hope that I can do the same.


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Independence Day! We should indeed be proud Junior. We know each other well enough to know we share many views. THis great country we share is absolutely something to celebrete. Like your Freedom ? Thank a Vet.

another old ( non combat ) Vet

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ARCHIE--Welcome and glad you got your citizens papers this year. Congrats. to you.

There is no way that I can say how much this country and the folks that fought to get it and the ones that fought to keep it, means to me and my family.

At 65 I still get goose bumps every time the flag comes by or they play the National anthem. Greatest feeling on Earth.

Chuck Bennett

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Pre 9/11 patriotism was a virtue instilled in veterans families and passed on to future generations. Alot of folks took the sacrifices of others for granted. It's a shame that it takes a tragedy like 9/11 to bring it back to the mainstream. I am proud to have been a Marine and No I don't look like I did in 1980 but I am still a marine in my heart.
But it is good to see Old Glory flying in alot of front yards and porches again.

Another Vet


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