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Treadle Hammer Build

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I have finally jumped the gun and gotten together some pieces to build a roller blade wheel style treadle hammer. I started this project about a year ago and never got anywhere with it. I picked up the base plate 3/8" and most of the tubing and angle iron today at the steel yard and am going to record the build here on the forum. I am going to stick mostly to the plans, but do have some things I plan on changing to better suit my needs. The original plans call for a rather short anvil height for myself, but I will be building it to the same height in the plans and will block it up higher if I need to. Here is a few pieces I have so far.


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Treadle hammers are kind of like cars every body had a model that they like best.
I've chosen a different mechanism for handling the hammer portion of the hammer I'm working on. Just be careful to work out all the changes you make. Some things cann't be changed without causing problems later on.

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Don't you just love that feeling you get when you make the first cut or weld on a project?


Yes, although my project rt now is repairing the holes in the roof of my shop and replacing dry rotted joists.

My hammer uses the grass hopper mechanism, as I mention before, but I'm scrapping for material to mass bulk up my anvil. I don't want to use concrete or sand.
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Hey guys,

I had a few minutes today to continue the fight, so here are a few pics of me drilling the mounting holes in the base plate and some of the holes in the roller wheel supports.

I love starting new projects that I actually intend on finishing ;-) I had so much fun on my mini press and I'm sure this is going to be a fun build. I have most of the main pieces and as I go I'll try to substitute what I don't have or head off to the steel yard to get what the instructions call for.

As with most anything I do, this will be a few minutes here and a few minutes there type of a project. I just can't seem to find a good amount of time to devote to anything anymore. I had originally planned on building this with a friend of mine (over a year ago), but he lives over an hour away and I just can't seem to find enough time to get over there so I bailed on him (sorry Will) and decided to start the build at my shop and work on it when I find some free minutes in the week.





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I thought since I was out of work I'd have this done by now, but I didn't anticipate getting married to be so much work. Now that we have most of the wedding plans and chores (cutting down trees to make room for the tent, doing years of neglected maintenance to the in-laws house, etc...) done I have been spending my mornings forging and working on my treadle hammer.

I now have most of the lower half complete and am working on the support system for the hammer itself. Once that is complete I can get it mounted (which should be easy) and start on all of the linkage to make it move. I can't wait. I have a list of tools I want to make for it and a long list of things to make with all the new tools.

I always seem to need to make more and more tools. Sometimes I think making the tools is my favorite part.





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Here is my mostly completed treadle hammer. All I need to do now is find a turnbuckle and finish making all of the linkage from the hammer to the treadle. It's coming along nicely so far. I haven't really come across any real problems so far. I can't wait to get this thing done so I can start making tooling for it.


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