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Update from Alabama

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I have not been on in a while. I have been looking for a job which was not fruitfull here in Alabama. This economy is horrable. I decided to join the Army which I ship to Basic on Aug 24th. I am going in as a 21c which is a bridge crewman. It seems like a realy interesting job. I was hoping on machineist but it was not available. oh well that will come soon enough. I just figured I would give an update if anyone wondered what happened to me :). I am still looking for a temp job till I ship so I can pay some bills 4 months with no pay is hard.

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Good to hear from you again Justin.

Sorry about the job prospects. Thank you for volunteering to serve the country, she needs good men.

If your ship ever ties up in Anchorage be sure to let me know I'll come on in and we can meet face to face. If you can get some leave we'll come back home and play with some hot metal, maybe burn a steak and sip a brew.

Of course I'll want the insider's tour of the ship. . . ;)


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very noble of you-thank you sir! we in the same shape here in texas,i'm am (was) a driller here and in co-utah. but folks around here don't want to hire a il broke down rough hand. but some thing will come up. be safe and keep your head down,be well jimmy

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