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Looking for legal info, in CT


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I am interested in selling knives/ sharp item in in Connecticut, and have had no luck finding any info on this, and would like some guide line or some places to look.

Not looking for free legal advice!!

Also is there any federal law that is important? for shipping purposes whatever.
is there any way to verify age on -bay or other auction sites?

sorry if this is in the wrong place

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Try here KNIFE LAWS of the 50 STATES I check here to see if an order complies before I make them to ship, the client may still want the blade, but I know that, they know the legal issues with it.

In general most places accept a credit card as proof of age. But I am not a lawyer, that's my sisters job.

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mr. sells thank you for that link, as i also want to sell knives in ct and that link was great. does nayone know where i can become a liceneds bladesmith? i have seen some sites via google but i dont know whos is rebutable or not.

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I make knives as a hobby, and people have started trying to buy from me. I am also a prof of Psy and Law, so I know the legal system.

I searched, and consulted local and state law enforcement, and the results are below:

Kevin, I hope this helps. As far as having it the car as long as you keep it in the trunk and dont have it hanging out the window i dont think you would have a problem transporting it for sale. If you need anything else just let me know. Thanks Joe

Sec. 29-38

Weapons In Vehicles

(Not more than $1,000 fine or 5 years or both)

1. The actor knowingly has in any vehicle owned, operated or occupied by


2. any weapon, or pistol or revolver for which a proper permit has not

been issued pursuant to 29-38 as amended by P.A. 99-212, or any machine

gun which has not been registered as required by section 53-202.

Weapon - means for the purposes of this section any BB gun, blackjack,

metal or brass knuckles, police baton or nightstick, dirk knife or switch

knife, any knife having an automatic spring release with a blade that is

released from the handle and having a blade over one and a half inches in

length, any stiletto, any knife the edged portion of the blade which is

four inches or over in length, any martial arts weapon or electronic

defense weapon as defined in section 53a-3, or any other dangerous or

deadly instrument.

NOTE: The provisions of this section do not apply to law enforcement

officers engaged in their duties, any security guard having a baton or

nightstick in a vehicle while engaged in his official duties, any

person enrolled in and currently attending a martial arts school, any

certified martial arts instructor traveling to or from such school or

an authorized event or competition, any person having a BB gun in a

vehicle provided it is unloaded and stored in the trunk or other locked

container (but not the glove compartment or console), any person having

a knife the edged portion of which is over four inches long if the

person is a. a member of the United States Armed Forces and is on duty

or going to or from duty; b. members of military organizations on

parade; c. any person transporting such knife as merchandise to or from

an authorized gun or knife show; d. a person moving between residences;

e. any person transporting such knife to be repaired; f. any person

holding a valid hunting, fishing or trapping license issued pursuant to

chapter 490 or any salt water fisherman having such knife for lawful

hunting, fishing or trapping, or g. any person having such knife and

participating in an authorized historic reenactment.


Carrying And Sale Of Dangerous Weapons

(Not more than $100 fine)

1. The actor sells to another a slung shot, air rifle, BB gun,

black-jack, sandbag, metal or brass knuckles, or any dirk knife, or a

switch knife, or any knife having an automatic spring release device by

which the blade is released from the handle, with a blade of over one and

12 inches in length, stiletto, or any martial arts weapon and electronic

defense weapon as defined in Sec. 53a-3 AND

2. he fails to give written notice of the sale or delivery of such weapon

within 24 hours after delivery to the person to whom sold, to the chief of

police of the city, the warden of the borough, or the first selectman of

the town, within which such weapon or implement is sold or delivered, as

the case may be.

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