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I Forge Iron

Interesting find

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Went for a bicycle ride Sunday along the Great Miami river. Found the remains of a wooden coffer dam that had long since given up the ghost. In the remains of the timbers along the bank, I found a plethora of large hand made spikes. I am assuming these were used to hold the timbers together. So,, I liberated a few and to the workshop they went. Further testing has shown them to be wrought iron, not steel as earlier suspected!!!!! Can't wait till the river goes down a bit.



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I have an island in Maine I go to to pick up wrought iron, from old docks that have been blown apart by storms, big stuff, and beautiful to work with,

nice to know others get the chance to "prospect and salvage" Good for You!!

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Buddy of mine gave me one similar to those. 1/2" x 5/8" x 9".
He has a barn on his property that was suposedly built from lumber reclaimed from an old wooden sailing ship. He found it in one of the timbers.
I just use it for a conversation piece.

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I know of a ton or so of old wrought iron fencing that got hit by a car years ago and the old lady who lives there had it ripped out and piled up in the back of her place, approx 250 feet of it, I've tried every approach I can come up with even offering to buy it but she just wont part with it, even though it is just sitting in a heap going to waste, relly breaks my heart every time i think about it, man it is a lot of wrought iron, only about 30-40% of it was hit and the rest is even still nice fencing.


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