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Average height for a hot cut?

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Years ago, I found a champion cut-off hardy in a flea market junk box. It had hardly been used. It's only 2 in. tall, but is quite a good size, actually.

When I first started smithing, I followed the "bigger is better" philosophy and made myself one from leaf spring.......5 in. tall.
I seldom use that one.....it's kinda wobbly when I hammer down on it, though it fits the hardy hole.......it's just too tall.
Because of the extra height, I consider it to be more dangerous as well.

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The I made today is made out of an old jackhammer piece. It's high carbon i think. I forgot to put a shoulder on it though. But it's roughly 2-2 &1/2 in. It works good.

Do you really need to heat treat one of these? If all the things you cut using it will be hot?

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Not necessary to heat treat it for hot cutting. The jack hammer steel will be tough if it was just air cooled after forging. they are not generally a high carbon steel as they are meant to be tough as opposed to hard and will stand up quite well as is.


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