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OK, I checked the BluePrints, and all the other information I have at my disposal and in all of it I can not find any one giving a good height for a forge. Now as I'm trying to build my second forge after the tire rim one I want it as close to right as I can get. The new one has a 2'x2' (give or take)table and a "DROP IN" fire pot.

Now my thinking is this ,that at belt height on the user would be a good height. But, for safety reasons or other reason I'm not aware of what would be a good height? Or is it just up to the builder and his or hers judgment or preference.

Again no offense taken as all advice is good be it good or bad as all help teach one way or the other.

Bill P.

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Belt height is a little too high for me. I prefer, as Finnr said, at about anvil height. For me, that's my arm hanging straight down,knuckles touching anvil or forge.
I view the forge as a big work table with a fire in the middle of it. I'm constantly laying down and picking up.......stock...tools.....moving solid fuel around....etc.
The thing is, I don't want to have to lean over to manipulate stock or tools, nor do I want to have to raise things up and off the forge either.

One way to test different heights would be to walk up to any likely table, counter, etc, and lay some objects on it........pick 'em up........lay 'em back down.......and see if the height seems comfortable to you. ( Bear in mind that you'll likely repeat these moves thousands of times in front of your forge.)

Hope this helps.....

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hearths were set a little higher than the anvil ,so as you drew the job out of the fire it slipped on to the anvil gravity assisted, to shoe make all day with a hearth lower than the anvil is no joke lifting 16-18 ins 1 1/4 x1/2 carthorse iron adds up .chain makers hearths had a sloping sill facing down to the anvil and the men working were a masterclass in time and motion morn till night week after week for years the work knocked them to bits so they found the easyest set up dads hearth was 3 ins or so higher than the anvil and mine was around the same.

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All good points given, and as I am a short man at 5' 4", anvil hight or slightly higher 2 or 3 inches sounds good to me. When I built my tire rim forge I didn't worry to much about hight using 1" rebar for legs I made it about the hight of my work table. But now my work table is a bit higher then some needing to be closer to my work cause of weak eye sight. But, again after all your remarks about lifting and early fatigue I may go back and shorten all.
I just want this new forge to be as right as possible as I plan on using the table for quite a while replacing fire pots as needed. In fact if I get to the point of doing demo's this more then likely will be the forge I use for that building or buying a bigger more suitable one for my planed smity.
Thanks guys
Bill P.

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