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I posted a thread a couple of weeks ago about making my first set of tongs. I wanted a pair of tongs to use in a junk art sculpture but didn't want to sacrifice an old pair...so I made my own. Since they didn't need to be functional I made them light weight. Well, I made them too light weight! So I made another pair...actually two. I hate to do it but I'm still going to sacrifice them for my "art" project. The stock for the large pair was 3/4" x 5/16" and the small pair began life as a horseshoe.

I had requests to post pics of what "beginner" tongs look like. They're not pretty but they are functional.

I'll post pics of my "junk sculpture" when it's completed.

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Thanks for all of the nice comments. I'm definately going to make more that I will actually use. I think it was very good practice. First time I punched a hole rather than drill it, first time I used a rivet (actually it was a bolt but I used it as if it were a "real" rivet), and first time concentrating on making 2 identical objects...definately not time wasted! :)

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