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Mini-machete from Kevin (lucky #7)

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Hello All,

This is my 7th, and is another chopper. Sort of a mini-machete. I wanted to see if I could reproduce the last design, only 25% larger.

I am so new, that the idea of trying to produce very similar results in consecutive knives seemed challenging. Besides, I am giving the first on to a buddy, and I wanted one for myself. This one is about 25% larger, with a less acute edge bevel, and more of a convex shape to the edge. I forged rather than ground the sweep into the blade this time. It is thicker, has a very large tang peened through the handle, and feels really solid.

1095 blade and guard
11 inch blade, 4.5 inch handle
Edge quenched in canola
Tempered at 400F for 3 two-hour trials
Polished to 1000 grit

Mokume gane butt cap
Rosewood and leather handle

This was a lot of fun, and it was the first time I got to use my new Drill Press!

This is also the limit of blade length that I can heat treat with my single-burner Venturi forge. I had to try and harden twice – the first time I did not heat consistently. It was really pushing it. I am going to spend some time learning the basics, and how to forge weld. Then, I will want to get a heat-treat setup for longer pieces, after I have learned enough basics to make working on them worthwhile.

Please give me your comments. The knowledge, support and feedback I receive from this group means a lot to me.

Thanks for looking,





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Thanks for the kind words guys. I do know that this is becoming more fun every time. I am hooked.

I will check out the belduque design.

Most of what little I know I have learned directly or indirectly from people on this forum.

thanks for the information and kind words. I really appreciate any encouragement and guidance I can get.


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I looked into the belduque, and it was typically more straight and pointy.

I am interested in building on my last experience. If anyone is willing to share any guidance or tips on a traditional blade form that uses a recurved or sweeping blade, I would surely appreciate it. Historical examples with 10" or less blades, how to's, tutorials, whatever. I ultimately want the majority of my work to be based on or inspired by historical forms. Of course, that is some time from now.

thanks for reading, and any info you can give.


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