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I have a small Peter Wright anvil that I am trying to estimate the age of. The only markings on it say Peter Wright Patent 0 3 6. By my best guess, this is a 90# anvil. There are no other markings on the anvil that I can find. The writing doesn't have any kind of stamping around it (circle, oval, or otherwise). Any info would be great.

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The Postman tome, "Anvils In America," is a good starting place. If you don't have this doorstop of a book, posting some photos of your mystery anvil would help others who have it look for photos of anvils similar to yours.

Good luck,

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I have one very similar, a Peter Wright about the same size.
It is of the classic english pattern, a wrought body with a tool steel face.
Struck in the right side in fairly large letters, about 1/2" it says,

So it weighs 92 lbs according to this and on a bathroom scale it weighs 92 lbs.
Back when I got this at an auction two years ago I poked around a bit on the net to learn what I could about it. I don't have Postman's book yet, on the list. What I read somewhere was that those Peter Wrights that have the word "England" on them were made after 1915, or 1912, I forget which but somewhere right in there just before WW1.
These are regarded as very good anvils. I have no gripes about mine.

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Fisher Norris anvils are great if in good shape. They are a quiet anvil and so do not ring!
They have a tool steel face and a cast iron body (and are much better than the other brand---Vulcan---that used this type of construction as the face is much thicker and harder than the Vulcans)

My main shop anvil is a Fisher and I use it in preference to the Trenton, HB and PW that are stiting next to it.

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Dan- Thanks for the Info. It sounds like they are of similar size. Mine doesn't say England on it, but from the description of yours, they sound pretty close. I'll try to get a good picture of the writing. Unfortunately, sometime iin the anvils past, someone had the brilliant idea to arc weld the poor thing to a steel stand. the stand is fairly sturdy, but I wish I had gotten to it before... Still, it's my first anvil, and it belonged to a good friend of mine who passed a few years ago, so I think it's a keeper. (He didn't weld it either!) I'll have to put that book on my wish list also. thanks again!

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