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Easy-to-make Spring Fuller (no welding)


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Hello all,

I'm sure someone else has made something like this, but I’ve looked & haven't seen it (apologies to inventor if I've sub-consciously 'lifted' an idea).

It is easy to make & very useful so I'm putting this on the net to help other short-handed & short-tooled smiths out there. All are welcome to use this.

The photo's should explain how to make it, but I add 3 points to remember:

1) Using mild steel is alright, but it doesn’t last long; re-bar is better; old spring steel the best yet.

2) For bar thicker than 1/4 “(6mm) it pays to leave a longer vertical projection from the hardy hole – easier to remove quickly.

3) The temper on the two tight bends needs to be different, heavier on the hardy end.

Hope it is of use to someone.




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I've made one similar out of leaf spring but I cut it out with a torch if I can ever figure out how to post pics I'll send you one ,technology seems to be my adversary ,good job ,if to blacksmiths think of it we must be on the right track

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I have hand held one made out of mild but it's real thick! And I don't use it real often so it's held up pretty well. I think it's 5/8 or a little bigger! I'm gona try to pick up some thicker mild and make one of those; it's a real trick to hold the steel, fuller, and hammer all at the same time. Like most hummans I only have 2 hands! ;)

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GNJC, Looks nice. I made one based on a pattern I saw at a local forge. It has a loop made in it just above the bend that goes into the hardy hole. Having the hoop is supposed to give it a bit more spring and you can adjust the orientation of the two parallel rods a bit more. Here is a picture I took of it.

I wonder does anyone else have another way of making one of these?

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