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Found 2 results

  1. So my buddy has 2 boys, one boy is 3 years older then the other..... so he is your typical bossy, kinda cocky older brother who can do it better, faster, and all the things that come with the job of the older brother. I have always liked a good practical joke as well a good lesson on humility.......Being and older brother myself and being raised in Montana I was humbled and taught many good lessons during my 27 years there......I think its my obligation to pass this knowledge along. So anyway 2 brothers. They have come and forged iron a few times and it is of course easier for the big brother to move the steel as he was about 25lbs bigger then his little brother. but I told the the boys they both needed to strengthen their arms, a good way to do this is beating on an old tire.....(not mounted and full of air) everyday for 15min every 2 hours or at least until they cant lift the hammer anymore. Little brother was very committed to this, after 3 weeks his right arm was noticeably much stronger and toned........But I like to really teach a lesson because both boys were instructed to work out their arms but the big brother did not. Leaning of course on his size and felt he didn't need to be stronger. The boys came to forge iron and so I planned a project using 1/2" bar stock..........I gave a 12" piece of mild steel to little brother and a 12" piece of 01 stainless tool steel to big brother.......you can imagine the efficiency in which the buffed up little brother moved his iron....but I really wanted to drive to point home that hardwork pays off, and that big brother may want to reconsider messing around little brother anymore. It has been reported that both boys go out and work their hammers on the old tire. It definitely showed in their ability to move the steel when they come and forge iron. They are now 18 and 15, I figure here in about 5 more years I'll let them in on what happened that day in the smithy......but I doubt it
  2. So, I was doing a little work this evening, making another pair of tongs (these for round/square stock), and I noticed it was starting to get dark. I have a really simple set up, and all my light is supplied by Mother Nature. The only thing I had left to do was finish punching one side of the tongs and then rivet them together. I finished the punch, cut the rivet blank, and impatiently got it hot. My stock and my punch are the same diameter, so it's always a bit of work getting the rivet through, and the light was failing ever faster. Hammered it through one side, then the other, then put it into the fire so I could flatten the heads. I'm pretty proud of my last set of tongs, but my riveting needs work, so I took a bit of care on getting both heads flattened and looking nice. Still had a bit of heat left, so I tried to work the tongs a little, and they wouldn't move at all. Back into the fire, hoping it was just where they shrunk and I riveted it pretty tight. Good, glowing orange, and still no movement. I noticed the jaws weren't quite lined up either. After getting closer to the fire so I could see a little better, I discovered the problem. I had riveted them together backwards..... So, lesson learned. Don't smith in the dark. Better to wait another day than to have to destroy the best looking rivet I've made so far. By the way, anybody know how to get the XXXXX things back apart?
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