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  1. Oh, okay. This forum is so helpful. Thanks.
  2. I learned to learn the basics first. Learn how to draw out, upset, things like that before you tackle a first project. It makes it much easier, and faster than just trying to make something right off the hop. Take your time, be patient (doesn't seem like that'll be a problem) and most of all HAVE FUN.
  3. What is scale? Is it simply oxidized steel? Does clink have anything to contribute to scale? Sorry for the noob questions, just curious.
  4. No, thats the recipe for something entirely different. Oh, wait, nevermind. :D
  5. I'm normally pretty good at reading internet slang, but you've lost me. Thanks for the advice!
  6. Thats like asking sombody to hold up the log, while I chop it with the axe. I'll do the swinging thanks. There's still one thing i'm hung up on. The slitting and drifting of the eye. I know you punch a hole with one tool, and then pound in the drift, but how do you get it symetrical, or close to it? Is it possible to use the horn of the anvil to even out the eye? Then shape the eye using the drift, so it fits perfectly onto the handle? Sorry for all the questions, I'm such a noob.
  7. Is it a concave edge like in traditional razors or is it the standard straight edge?
  8. It seems like a pretty soft steel to me, as its purpose is to improve tensile strength in concrete. Although, having no experience working with this material, i cannot say for sure. Just my 2 cents.
  9. Thats whats so appealing about forging to me. Turning scrap into art, tools, and conversation pieces, simply amazing. Good job.
  10. If I understand correctly, it is going to bend, no matter what. What you have to do to upset it, is to correct small bends before they become major? Ratel10mm- I do not have access to a powerhammer. Its all me.
  11. Yes, I do have spare. OKay, maybe not wreck it, but obviously i don't expect perfection the first try. Before I even try making a knife, I plan on playing around with some scrap steel, just to see what I'm capable of. I'll just try to draw out, bend, and maybe upsetting. Although upsetting is a pretty advanced basic is it not?
  12. I've read up about making one, and have a few ideas in mind. So if I understand your post, it don't matter what I try first, I'm bound to wreck it, so its all about learning? My goal is to make a pretty nice tomahawk for my buddies birthday (november 1st). Oh, and don't worry, i'm already addicted :)
  13. I'm pretty interested in making a rr spike hawk. Would this be a decent first project? If not, what WOULD be a good first crack at forging? Thanks. Keagan
  14. Hello everybody. I guess you'll want to know a little bit about me. I'm 16 years old. I like fishing and hunting and quading, and a l do a little wood work. I'm pretty interested in blade and blacksmithing. I'm good at figuring ways to do stuff, cheaper. So, i plan on using an old BBQ for my forge and some sort of pressureizing fan for a blower. I'll burn charcoal for fuel. I plan on making some stuff out of railroad spikes and maybe some spring steel. Anyway, thats prettymuch anything anybody would need to know. P.S My name's keagan
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