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    kershaw ,south carolina
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    I am 16 years old and have just started in black smithing and wish to learn much
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    blacksmithing(duh), ancient survival techniques ,and paintball
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    shool, work with my dad at landfill and on farm
  1. Hello from SC I have always been interested in blacksmithing but i have no access to anyone to really teach me or for me to learn from that I know of. I am still in the process of trying to aquire a forge and some rail road track to start me off but my main thing is finding a local smith so if anyone can help please let me know.
  2. K thnx I just have a large supply all the time on account of my dad works at a C and D landfill but thats all great advice so thank you.
  3. thoramighty


    How is rebar as a steel for making knives and such items as an item that holds an edge.
  4. Well glad your okay just try to avoid sniffing the fumes.
  5. Just go along the tracks when they replace ties they usually use new spikes and just throw the old ones on th ground around them just look around for them. P.S. look for ones that have HC stamped on top those mean high carbon they only have like .3% carbon( if i am wrong just correct me) but when put in an ice cold water quench or super quench it hold a fair enough edge. the ones with a $ stamped on top if i remeber correctly are a copper ,steel alloy but im not positive. Staff addition: WARNING do NOT take or STEAL anything from the RR tracks, This is a Federal offense and there are many discussions on this Illegal activity in the forums
  6. Thank you for the advice Celticforge
  7. It is because there arent many black smithing books at my local library. i have the only one they have "the art of blacksmithing" but thats the only one and i need more about bronze and other metals
  8. Can anyone help I am doing a research paper for school on metal working through the ages (not just black smithing) and i need atleast two internet sources but i am not finding much useful material can anyone help out?
  9. TechnicusJoe mostly the basics like how should i make my coal forge what tools do i need to start out and what type of coal of charcoal or whatever i need to get the highest temperature
  10. maybe some one should put this into mythbusters to see if it was a possibility that it was a thermite reaction or if we are safe of that happening. P.S. Glad you wernt hurt i have seen what molten lead and aluminum can do to flesh its nasty
  11. Hi im just starting in blacksmithing and i need advice on how to start. I havent made a forge yet but i was fortunate enough to find an old crank blower and a few anvils at my new home and i have been visiting this site for quite awhile so i have a general idea on what to make but i need advice about other tools and the initial building of my forge please and thank you.
  12. what is cold forging in technical terms.
  13. you could take that same fork lift tine cut it in 4ths and weld the pieces together to make cube. maybe a little more work but maybe a little esier to work with.
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