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  1. i removed the blower from the burners...they are now exactly built according to the blueprints posted on this forum..and yes.. the forge is lined with hard firebrick but i also added a layer of refectory cement on the bottom i can get the forge up to orenge welding heat in roughly 8-10 minutes...but a 20lb propane tank lasts roughly 3-3.5 hours... how could i improve either the burners or the forge itself to raise my temp and maybe cut down on the propane comsumption...or is the consumption at a reasonable level...
  2. alright.. i have rebuilt my burners in the exact way stated in the blueprints available on this forum.....i run my forge at 7.5 psi..aand the hottest i can accieve is a bright orange forging heat..is there any way to increase the temp so i can get to white hot welding temps? or at least bright yellow
  3. so..i got my forgeu built,,used two slightly modified T-burners(replaced the t fitting with a 4-way so a screw-in bushing can be used to mount the nozzle instead of drilling a hole in the fitting...i also added a forced air system by plugging one hole on each fitting and adding an airline with a regulator connected to the shop compressor into the other side..it was a definite improvement but i cant get a 1.25 wide 1/4 bar hotter then orange hot...any advice on how to achieve higher temps?
  4. yes i am planning on building two doors for my forge..a two piece door in the front so i can keep half the door closed and maybe just a firebrick slid into brackets at the back..is it nessasarry to have a small hole at the back for fuction ir is it just for working with longer stock/ im also planning on using 2 of the t style burners on my forge build
  5. if i used two of the T-burners whos building instructutions are posted on this forum...would that be an efficiant design for the forge specs i mentioned? Please keep in mind that im trying to keep the building costs as low as possible and that includes how much gas the forge will use so it needs to be as efficiant as possible
  6. So which burner design would work best for the forge size i described..keep in mind that i am compleatly new at this and am utterly depended on information i find in books and recive from experianced smithes ..so any advise will be helpfull and appreciated
  7. I was planing on using a 1 inch burner...would duel 1 inch burners be too much overkill?
  8. I plan on using a .035 or .045 mig tip for the burner nozzle
  9. yes the firebricks are the hard kind....i plan on making my own burner in the style suggested by dan jennings in his article Forge-build.pdf
  10. Hey guys, im just starting out in smithing and currently working on the design for my first gas forge....the outside shell is lasercut and formed out of 12g mild steel and im using 1.25 firebrick as a liner for top bottom and sides....the inside diameters for the forge are 13.5LX6.5WX4.5D......Will i need more then one burner to get the forge up to welding temp?
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