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  1. Ok thank you for your help. Sorry I wasted so much of your valuable time Frosty, I guess I misunderstood some directions. I appreciate all the attempts. Got some Amazon burners and they’re working out great so far. All the best…
  2. We used a tip file on the MIG tip when we cut it. The tip seems to be pointing straight down, although we could try to put a slight bend in it to adjust the alignment.
  3. If I turn the regulator almost to zero with the coupler on it the flame will start to sputter in between the end of the pipe and the tip of the MIG tip. It doesn’t stay on the end of the pipe.
  4. Couldn’t get a flame going this time with the coupler on the end… it only burns if we cover the holes in the T somewhat. In regard to the regulator, I’m turning it about 1/2-3/4 of a turn in order to get the flame with the reducer on the end. I turn it to the point where I can just barely hear propane coming out of the tip. If I turn it any higher the flame goes out. Thanks for your help. wpmforge
  5. Hey Frosty, thanks for the response. The regulator I am using doesn't have any way to tell an exact psi to my knowledge (however, I wouldn't put it past me to glance over something like that lol). I'll take the pics and post them for you... Side note: when trying a bit of a shorter MIG tip again we were able to get the flame to stay lit at a very low pressure, so I'll try to include a pic of that tonight as well. Thank you so much for trying to help an ignorant soul such as my self haha. Took a few pics… at a little bit of a higher pressure if I hold a flame to it the propane will burn on the end of the tube but go out as soon as I take the torch away. I took a pic of the biggest I could get the flame to burn on its own. Took a note from buzzkill and put the old reducer on the end which made it burn slightly better. Thanks for all the help so far guys.
  6. Hey Frosty, thanks for the response. I have put the galvanized parts in an acid bath to get rid if the zinc coating, but I appreciate the concern. Galvanized was all the local hardware store had in the correct sizes, but if black iron is required for a reason of propane flow then we can order it online. The MIG tip is .035 as stated in the blueprints. We have tried a couple different lengths of MIG tips as suggested as well. The only deviation from the plans (that I know of, I’m not guaranteeing that I didn’t overlook something) is in the ball valve attached to the top of the burner but I just didn’t think that would affect anything with the actual flow of propane. All of the fittings are sized exactly as per the plans. Thank you all for all of the help. We’ll try to experiment with some stuff the next couple days. I really appreciate everything wpmforge
  7. Yes, the flame just blows off the end of the pipe as if the pressure is too high if we don’t cover the holes. I’ll try to get the flame to stay lit at a low pressure and post a picture. Tried adjusting the flow with the regulator and at low pressure the flame would barely light but it would putter in and out before eventually just going out completely. At higher pressures the flame would stay near the end of the pipe while the blowtorch was near it but at soon as we take the torch away the flame goes out. Sorry for my ignorance about this stuff… I don’t know too much about propane.
  8. This is the flame we are able to get if we cover the holes in the T up. Without covering the holes somewhat the flame won’t light at all.
  9. Okay we’ll do some experimenting with it. I appreciate the help!
  10. Hey all, Thanks so much for everyone’s help on my previous post. My father and I followed the directions and bought new materials from Frosty’s blueprints for making a new Frosty T burner, but still no dice. I also tried to change the propane tank as per one suggestion, but I’m still having the same problems as before… We tried adjusting the MIG tip lengths as suggested in the pdf as well and that didn’t work either. I’ve attached pictures and just hoping to get some answers lol. Really hoping to work it out as I’m excited to get started. Thanks again for all of the awesome help on the original post. wpmforge
  11. The regulator on the propane tank is rated up to 30 psi… Made sure if that when the first test went wrong lol! Thank you guys for all the help. Buying correct supplies soon I’ll post an update in a few days hopefully!
  12. Ok, I think I get it now. Thanks for all the help Thomas I’ll try out making the frosty T with the right stuff this time lol. I appreciate it and thanks for the blueprint pnut!
  13. T holes are 3/4”, Pipe is 8” but alive also tried 12”. When I turn the propane up high the small blue flame I can sometimes get going goes out. Thanks for the help I’ll look at the frosty T blueprints. Like I said it was just a design off of Youtube.
  14. Hi all, this is my first post on here and I’ve come to quite the conundrum. This is my first time trying to build a forge or any burners. I’m not any sort of propane expert and I’m trying to build a forge burner. I got my design off of youtube and have tried two different ones. Neither of them have worked even though I built them almost identical to the video. I see so many that look exactly like mine and I have tried many different things with airflow, hole size, nipple length, adjusting the psi… nothing works and I was hoping to possibly get some answers on here. Any sort of help would be greatly appreciated and thanks so much if anyone reads this! Side note: sorry if anything about this post is wrong… it’s my first time. Pics attached
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