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  1. Neither unique or impressive, but it’s the first time I played with a RR spike so I’m very happy with it
  2. That’s great! I picked mine up from them last week
  3. Just a “2” under the mounting bracket I’m gonna keep looking for some. After a quick wire wheel brush and rust removal it appears that someone had painted it blue a while back. I’m assuming that there are markings buried under that
  4. Thanks Paul. As with firearms, I like to get tools that my great great grandkids will be able to enjoy after I’m long in the dirt
  5. I recently had an evil pigeon fly into my shop and directly at me as I was transferring a mold filled with molten silver from the furnace to the cooling bricks I flinched, the mold slipped and I about jumped across the room. It felt like slow motion as I watched every drop of that liquid metal splash across the shop. I got lucky but my workbench was on fire for a bit. spooky stuff. I re-discovered my respect of molten metals that day.
  6. Recent additions as I get the smithing side of my shop built up 190 LB anvil. Great guys and I’m proud to be able to support an American small business making such a niche product. I whipped the stand up last week also snagged a nice post vice last week from a “scrap” tool warehouse downtown. It’s functionality is like it just left the foundry....everything lines up and moves like a dream
  7. Neil, that virtual conference sounds like a good time. I’m gonna try to make it! Thank you Thanks for the kind words! I look forward to being a newbie full of questions and enjoying failures with iron and steel.
  8. Thanks for the welcome all! theres a market for “art” bullion that I serve. I cast rough ingots and then shape my bars with forge, hammer an anvil. Not many folks do it the way I do so I found a nice audience of collectors. I learned how to use those tools repairing and making parts for single action pistols and lever guns with my grandfather and dad
  9. Hi all, I’m new to blacksmithing and have already learned a ton here via lurking and searching. I actually already work with a hammer and anvil daily. I make gold and silver bullion bars Recently picked up the appropriate anvil for steel, a Holland 190, along with some other stuff I look forward to chatting with everyone
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