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  1. Thanks M.J.! It was a tad bit cooler this week 102°F and I was able to make some progress. Pro tip.. don't weld your motor plate upside down the work rest is backwards in the final photo I'm realizing now.. lol I wanted to do a more detailed build a long but it was too toasty, maybe next time I still have some finish welds left and some wiring but I'm pretty happy with this kit so far. It makes my 1x30 look like a toy
  2. I needed an upgrade from my 1x30 but didn't have several thousand dollars to spend on something fully built I went for the gen 4 revolution kit that came with the precut to length tubing. I sourced the ironhorse 2hp 3 phase motor, Kbac-27d VFD, Wheelset. Everything to complete the build was $1400the heat got me beat.. But at least I got it started today!
  3. Yes. I used a battery charger, stencil, salt water. To etch my makers mark in that photo. My bad, I should have been more clear Thank you Rojo! I've finished one of them so far.
  4. Getting more crisp every time I mark a knife! Good old battery charger
  5. Today was a busy day! Tomorrow I get to use my parks 50 quench oil for the first time! No more preheating canola
  6. They are both kydex sheaths. Thank ya! My buddy asked for these and was pretty specific about what he wanted. *he even sent me the kydex
  7. One of my favorite parts of making knives is taking photos of them when they are finished
  8. Dont tell him that he already gets much to close to the forge while it's running. One of the bigger knives that I'm working on is almost ready for some epoxy. I read that a blade should be "almost sharp" before you grind the final micro bevel, Guess who cut themselves on their "almost sharp" knife today
  9. Roo, My shop rooster was curious as to if what I was making was edible, big nope! He's pretty happy to be included though.. Today's progress on a blade for a buddy
  10. My first makers mark on a blade it can definitely get better but I'll take it!
  11. Thank you people for the compliments! Fresh out of the oven Canola oil makes some pretty colors if you don't get it all off before tempering.
  12. Thank you! Some of my photos don't like downsizing I'm noticing.
  13. I really enjoy making knives so far. This will be where I post some of the ones that I make and hopefully I'll get criticism and see progress as i go This one is 1/8" 1084, micarta & 3/16 g10 pins. It's not finished yet but this one will be; The shovel V2
  14. I enjoyed photography more when I stopped taking it as seriously. Now I mostly shoot with old mechanical SLR cameras when I'm not using the smartphone
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